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COVID-19 Vaccines' Protective Effects on Post-vaccination Infection

Dear Pharmacists:

Though individuals may still become infected with COVID-19 after vaccination, COVID-19 appears to be less severe in vaccinated individuals compared with those unvaccinated. A recent article published on Lancet investigated the COVID-19 infection after first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines. The research found that almost all disease symptoms were reported less frequently in infected vaccinated people than in infected unvaccinated ones. Vaccination was also associated with reduced risk of hospitalization or having more than 5 symptoms in the first week of illness following the first or second dose. In addition, vaccinated individuals, especially those at 60 years or older, were more likely to be completely asymptomatic. See more information at:

We thank you for all the supports you provided for Alabama residents, and continuing to promote COVID-19 vaccines to the community.

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