• Ritu Shah

Key Components for Continued COVID-19 Management for Dialysis Facilities

Dear Pharmacists,

This information might be helpful for your patients in need of dialysis.

On August 17, 2020, CMS issued updated guidance to ensure medical providers are able to provide essential surgical, life-sustaining procedures while continuing to reinforce and bolster infection control precautions at dialysis facilities in states and communities located in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) hotspots witnessing a surge or resurgence of the virus to help prevent and minimize the risk of transmission among dialysis patients.

The guidance memo, “Key Components for Continued COVID-19 Management for Dialysis Facilities” provides a checklist of key actions dialysis facilities should take when there is a surge or resurgence of COVID-19 in their surrounding communities as well as directs providers to resume planned surgical procedures essential to patient quality of care when possible.

For more information:

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