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Medicare's Star Rating System: What It Is and How It Can Help Patients Select The Right Plan

While scrolling through Medicare plans online, some pharmacy patients may be wondering what the “Star Rating” associated with each plan means. Medicare’s Star Rating system is a way to rank the quality and performance of plans. Star Ratings range from “1-star” (worst) to “5-star” (best) and are updated annually based on performance on a variety of quality and performance measures, such as customer service and accuracy of drug prices.

If your patients are unsure of where to start their search for a new plan, they can use a filtering function to only review highly rated plans. Then, they can compare multiple highly rated plans that meet their needs. That said, please remind patients that Star Rating alone should not be used to select a plan.

To learn more about how Star Ratings work and where to find more information about current Star Ratings, visit the following link: (

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