• Ritu Shah

COVID-19: President Trump Expands Telehealth Benefits for Medicare Beneficiaries

Updated: May 5

During COVID-19 Outbreak:

On March 17, the Trump Administration announced expanded Medicare telehealth coverage that will enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of health care services from their doctors without having to travel to a health care facility. Beginning on March 6, 2020, Medicare—administered by CMS—will temporarily pay clinicians to provide telehealth services for beneficiaries residing across the entire country.

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Fact Sheet Frequently Asked Questions

This guidance, and earlier CMS actions in response to the COVID-19 virus, are part of the ongoing White House Task Force efforts. To keep up with the important work the Task Force is doing in response to COVID-19, visit the webpage.

If your patients are concerned about receiving health care services during COVID-19 outbreak, this benefit allows your patients an easy way to remain at home and receive the health care services.

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