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  • nzm0066 Launched to Cover All Your COVID-19 Needs

On March 30th, the Biden-Harris administration launched a new website,, as a catch-all for COVID-19 related needs in the United States. As a "one-stop-shop" for COVID-19 resources, seeks to aid individuals in their access to the many available resources offered in the U.S. with the main resources highlighted below:

Testing & Treatment: An additional new initiative launched alongside, the "Test-to-Treat" locator was created by the Biden-Harris administration to improve access to testing and treatment. "Test-to-Treat" locations offer the ability to both test and, if needed, prescribe oral antiviral treatment to the general public. Currently, there are over 2,000 "Test-to-Treat" locations in the U.S. with offering an easy way for individuals to find the most convenient location for them.

Masks & Vaccines: also identifies locations where masks are offered for free to the public, often in convenient locations such as pharmacies. Additionally, provides a search mechanism for finding the closest locations to searchers that offer COVID-19 vaccines.

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