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Medicare and Covered COVID-19 Testing

I am sure you have received many questions about at-home COVID-19 tests, the below link will provide you with more details about COVID-19 testing. For example, for people covered by original fee-for-service Medicare, Medicare pays for COVID-19 diagnostic tests performed by a laboratory, such as PCR and antigen tests, with no beneficiary cost-sharing when the test is ordered by a physician, non-physician practitioner, pharmacist, or other authorized health care professional. People with Medicare can access one lab performed test without cost-sharing per patient per year without an order. At this time original Medicare cannot pay for at-home tests through this program. Medicare Advantage plans may offer coverage and payment for at-home over-the-counter COVID-19 tests, so consumers covered by Medicare Advantage should check with their plan.

For more information on Medicare coverage for COVID-19 testing and how to get your free at-home tests, go to:

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