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  • Ritu Shah

More than $15 million has been issued in fines to nursing homes during COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Pharmacists,

This information might help your patients and Medicare beneficiaries who you are in touch with on a daily basis.

The CMS has imposed more than $15 million in civil money penalties (CMPs) to more than 3,400 nursing homes during the public health emergency for noncompliance with infection control requirements and the failure to report coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) data.

This effort is made by the Trump Administration's commitment to safeguarding nursing home residents from the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and holding nursing homes accountable for the health and safety of the residents they serve.

This move was important in order to continue to hold nursing homes accountable and work with state and local leaders to protect the vulnerable population residing in America’s nursing homes.

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