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  • Robert Alongi

Newly Published Article on Fraud by Dr. Westrick

Dear Pharmacists,

Dr. Westrick and her team recently published a fraud article available on PMC of the NCBI website called “Recommendations to protect patients and health care practices from Medicare and Medicaid fraud” (link posted below). This article discusses the different types of fraud that patients and health care professionals may encounter with Medicaid and Medicare. These different types of fraud are harmful not only to individuals, but to the Medicaid and Medicare programs which can lead to increased costs in the health care industry. The article also discusses 3 primary laws that help to prevent fraud, different areas of fraud being found, and summarizes detection methods that can help people protect themselves from potential cases of fraud.

As pharmacists, it’s important to know how to detect fraud and help patients recognize fraud to prevent harmful effects and further costs to health care and individuals. This article is beneficial for all to help protect themselves from falling victim to fraud, whether intentional or not. Being active in detecting and preventing fraud can help pharmacists be proactive in protects not only themselves and their practice but also the patients they serve in the community.

For more information on this article:

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