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Open Enrollment Enters Week 5!

Welcome to the 5th week of Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 plans! We would like to continue our trend the past couple of weeks and share some more helpful resources and information provided by CMS! provides a thorough document detailing important information pertaining to Medicare Open Enrollment specific to every U.S. state. Using our home state of Alabama as an example, some of the information you can find about your state is:

  • Total enrollees in the state (Alabama has 1,075,364)

  • Total number of Medicare Advantage plans available and their average associated premiums

  • Total number of Medicare Part D plans available and facts on premiums and Extra Help utilization

  • Open Enrollment dates and a helpful timeline for planning for it

  • Information and links to resources to assist in Open Enrollment activities

Keep December 7th on your radar -- just 3 weeks away! -- as that is the end date for Medicare Open Enrollment for 2023 plans!

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