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Technician Immunization Training

Hope you are doing well! I wanted to tell you about an upcoming program we are having that you may be interested. As you know, pharmacy technicians are now allowed to provide immunizations. HSOP is now accredited to offer the APhA Technician Immunization Training Program. Here is the link to the course, which has additional information:

Technicians who complete the course will be certified similar to how pharmacists are certified and they also earn 6 hours of CE credit (2 non-live and 4 live). The cost of the program is $275 but because if your pharmacy is part of the C.A.R.E.S. network, you will be provided with a COD that will give you a 20% off. The first program is May 7th and we will be offering it in both Auburn and Mobile, and we hope to offer an additional training later in the year. Of note, APhA does require this training to be in person due to the practical component of practicing the immunizations, so techs would need to travel to Auburn or Mobile. The program is from 1-5 PM, and the 2 hours of non-live training must be completed prior to the in-person program.

Email me at to obtain the discount

CODE. Thank you so much.

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