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UnitedHealth has sent out 200,000 flu kits to their members

UnitedHealth Ships Flu Kits to Medicare
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Hope everyone is doing well. We thought you might be interested in learning about UHC and its flu kit. The kit contains Tamiflu, thermometer and coronavirus test. According to UHC, their MA plan enrollees are invited to sign up to receive the kit. Interested enrollees had to attest that they would wait to take the Tamiflu prescription drug or the coronavirus test until after receiving direction from a physician through a telemedicine appointment. I have talked with several pharmacists and they expressed their concern (eg, Tamiflu dose may require adjustment; patients may go ahead and take Tamiflu when they don't have flu).

We thought to share this with you all in case you are not aware. Some of your patients may receive the kit and may have a question for you.

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